Tuesday, 20 October 2009

18th October 2009 The Monadh Liath

3 Munro's , 3 Top's and 2 no longer classified

“Plootering” a wonderfully descriptive word that describes most of this excursion to the hills. Guidebooks call these mountains the Monadh Liath (Grey Mountains). I would change that to the Muddy or Boggy Mountains.Maureen, an old friend from Grampian Hill Walking Club, joined us on our walk today and her company was welcome as usual.These hills were done by the book with a couple of items of interest found on route. The first after a few hundred metres was a grave or memorial to an M J Haywood, a quick Google and was unable to turn up any information. It looks like it will remain a mystery.
On getting to what was the top of the second Munro of the day the clag was so far down that we could not be sure which of the cairns in view was actually the top. The great get out of jail free card that is the GPS was dug out from the recesses of my pack and consulted. Yes the second cairn we visited was the Top.

The trek round to the last hill of the day was punctuated by loads of wildlife; we saw heaps of Ptarmigan, Mountain Hare and more than a few Red Deer. It must be the time of the Rut as we could hear Stags bellowing all around us and sometimes the crash of antlers. The variety of sound is amazing and quite spooky as darkness falls and you are unable to pick up the distances from you. It was full darkness by the time we got back to the car and we were glad of our head torches, to keep us out of the worst of the dubs. All in all a great day though and back at the van a wondrous new beer was discovered. Alcoholic Ginger Beer from the Crabbies Green Ginger folk, will have to get more of that.

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  1. Looking forward to Plooterin in the Dubx.

    Love to both.

    Michaela x